Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's Happening: Day Two of the Hippie Challenge

Well, it's on. Sarah is on Day Two of Embracing Her Hippie Fashion Destiny.
A photo of her outfit selection for today will be uploaded to my Twitter later on this afternoon, so stay tuned. Here's a preview: it involves a skinny, across-the-forehead headband.

It is worth noting however, that Sarah has been rather disillusioned by the headband - an accessory she's always dreamed of being able to wear un-ironically - as it turns out it is incredibly painful to have a tight band running around your skull for hours on end. Who knew!


Global Butterfly said...

Go Sarah! Embrace that inner hippie!!!


And I thought CSI Miami and Perry's Drag Brunch in Adams Morgan were the only places where people could wear costumes to work