Thursday, October 16, 2008

Celebrity Style: Fringe Boots

Once, several weeks ago, Jenn and I discussed the merits and the "my eyes are bleeding" factor of these Sam Edelman boots ($195). I LOVE them. Jenn not so much. And so, as a "Jenn v. Sarah" blog entry, we argued our points.

Today, I would like to update Jenn and the rest of the world to the current celebrity status of the boots: Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing them in Los Angeles. Hers are blue and I think quite lovely. I strongly suspect Jenn will disagree with me. But I'm ok with that because now it's Jenn v. Sarah & Miley (& Mischa if you count the previous celeb sighting). Thank you Hollywood for your agreement—now I just have to decide which color I like best.



Miley Cyrus is 12

Michael said...

All the celebrities at the Emmys swooned over the Koolaburra boots (genuine Australian sheepskin all --- think Uggs but from Australia instead of China) including Lauren Conrad, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Marcia Cross and so many others! They are all available with free international shipping at The direct link is