Friday, September 12, 2008

Online Finds: Top Shop USA

Somehow in all of this Fashion Week chaos, we missed the fact that earlier this week our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE British store's website had finally hit American shores! It's hard to express our excitement over this blog because it doesn't contain an audio version of us screaming.

In addition to offering fabulous fashion at reasonable prices, the first US customers to purchase items on the site receive a Kate Moss Charity tee for free! And, if you sign up right now, you have the chance to win a $750 online shopping spree on the new site! And, Kate Moss' new collection (which previously you could only purchase at Barney's in the US) is also now available!

(Yeah, we just broke the record for number of exclamation points in a single blog entry. But seriously, it's that good.)

*Thanks to reader Katie for the tip!



Ha! Kate Moss's new collection. For $750 and a bus ticket to 96th st, between 5th avenue and the East River you can get to see last year's collection, this year's collection, and probably even next year's collection. One!

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