Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jenn v. Sarah: Plaid for fall

Jenn's thoughts:
Maybe it is my Scottish heritage or maybe it is just my latent school uniform envy (reinvigorated by the many hours of Tivo’d eps of Gilmore Girls I watch– Chilton 4 Eva!), but I am digging all the plaid that is showing up this fall. The genius of plaid is that it makes it possible to wear colors you would NEVER normally wear together, because all those tricky hues are already pre-blended for you IN the plaid. All you have to do is pop on a few neutral, solid color accompanying pieces and you’ve got a statement outfit that practically fool-proof. (See the $148 Guess by Marciano coat jacket from Nordstrom above) Plus, plaid packs a punch no matter wear you wear it. Inside the lining of your trench coat? Prep-tastically fabulous. On a mini worn with boots and tights? School-girl sexy all grown up. On a headband? Subtle but classic. Just steer clear of anything that could be described as a “jumper”, and keep any hemlines above the knee (and squarely out of “private school prude” territory) and you can be pretty in plaid all autumn long.

Sarah Responds:
I like a few criss-crossing lines as much as the next person. A little Burberry here and a few old school Ralph Lauren skirts there are totally acceptable wardrobe material. But plaid has a scary way of leading to flannel and then, before you know it, you're wearing it with elastic waistband stirrup pants, your hair is in a braid down your back, and you think that puffy bangs totally work for your face. I should know: that description is my 7th grade school picture. So, truthfully, it's not that I'm anti-plaid. It's just that I want to go on record noting that plaid is a slippery slope in the fashion world. Consider yourselves warned.

(photo courtesy of Nordstrom)

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